Fun Family Activities on a Budget

No money? No problem!

With the economy in such a downfall many families are on a budget. However, there still are many fun activities that your family can participate in when this is the case. Money, has absolutely nothing to do with building a strong family unit. Time is what’s important.  Below you will find examples of fun family activities that won’t break the bank and are fun for everyone.

Something as simple as going out for ice cream, is an inexpensive way to spend time with your family. Chat and catch up on each others lives over your favorite flavour. After ice cream you could visit a public park and play games such as football, frisbee, tag or hide n seek. Your kids want time with you. This is the greatest gift you can give them.

If ice cream isn’t your thing, have a relaxing movie day/night. Rent a family friendly movie and enjoy hanging together while sharing a huge bowl of popcorn. An activity that’s great for all ages, a cheap and simple way to enjoy time together with your family.

But if a movie isn’t possible with young children, try an activity such as bike riding. Bikes can be purchased second hand quite cheaply if you look in your local classifieds. and once you all have bikes, it is free, fun and a great way to keep your whole family healthy. If your kids are too young to ride themselves, purchase a toddler carrier and take them with you. Take a ride through the park, and enjoy the fresh air and each others company.

Family fun activities don’t have to be expensive. Communities organise many free activites throughout the year, keep a look out on notice boards and in newspapers and take advantage of free events, such as concerts in the park, exhibitions, art galleries, airshows, fireworks events and street music festivals. You could take a trip to the beach. Also your local library may have a storytime with a free craft activity. The hardware outlet in larger towns often hold free D.I.Y workshops.

The opportunities for spending time with each other are only limited by your imagination, not your budget.

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